IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL 2021, the biggest franchise league in the world is gonna start in the 2nd week of April. This is such a league for which the whole world waits to watch. The best players in the world, play in this lucrative league. Fortunately, this year the IPL 2021 will be played in India. In total six venues Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Chennai will host the matches in 2021. This year Kings Xi Punjab has been renamed to Punjab Kings

IPL 2021 Schedule Time Table

Date Matches Time Venue 
Fri 9th AprilMI VS RCB7.30 P.MChennai
Sat 10th AprilCSK VS DC7.30 P.MMumbai
Sun 11th AprilSRH VS KKR7.30 P.MChennai
Mon 12th AprilRR VS PK7.30 P.MMumbai
Tues 13th AprilKKR VS MI7.30 P.MChennai
Wed 14th AprilSRH VS RCB7.30 P.MChennai
Thus 15th AprilRR VS DC7.30 P.M Mumbai
Fri 16th AprilPK VS CSK7.30 P.MMumbai
Sat 17th AprilMI VS SRH7.30 P.MChennai
Sun 18th April RCB VS KKR3.30 P.MChennai
Sun 18th AprilDC VS PK7.30 P.MMumbai
Mon 19th AprilCSK VS RR7.30 P.MMumbai
Tues 20th April DC VS MI7.30 P.MChennai
Wed 21st AprilPK VS SRH3.30 P.MChennai
Wed 21st AprilKKR VS CSK7.30 P.MMumbai
Thus 22nd AprilRCB VS RR7.30 P.MMumbai
Fri 23rd AprilPK VS MI7.30 P.MChennai
Sat 24th AprilRR VS KKR7.30 P.MMumbai
Sun 25th April CSK VS RCB3.30 P.MMumbai
Sun 25th AprilSRH VS DC7.30 P.MChennai
Mon 26th AprilPK VS KKR7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Tues 27th AprilDC VS RCB7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Wed 28th AprilCSK VS SRH7.30 P.MDelhi
Thus 29th AprilMI VS RR3.30 P.MDelhi
Thus 29th AprilDC VS KKR7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Fri 30th AprilPK VS RCB7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Sat 1st MayMI VS CSK7.30 P.MDelhi
Sun 2nd MayRR VS SRH3.30 P.MDelhi
Sun 2nd MayPK VS DC7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Mon 3rd MayKKR VS RCB7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Tues 4th MaySRH VS MI7.30 P.M Delhi
Wed 5th MayRR VS CSK7.30 P.MDelhi
Thus 6th MayRCB VS PK7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Fri 7th MaySRH VS CSK7.30 P.MDelhi
Sat 8th MayKKR VS DC3.30 P.MAhmedabad
Sat 8th MayRR VS MI7.30 P.MDelhi
Sun 9th MayCSK VS PK3.30 P.MBengaluru
Sun 9th MayRCB VS SRH7.30 P.MKolkata
Mon 10th MayMI VS KKR7.30 P.MBengaluru
Tues 11th MayDC VS RR7.30 P.M Kolkata
Wed 12th MayCSK VS KKR7.30 P.M Bengaluru
Thus 13th MayMI VS PK3.30 P.MBengaluru
Thus 13th MaySRH VS RR 7.30 P.MKolkata
Fri 14th May RCB VS DC7.30 P.MKolkata
Sat 15th MayKKR VS PK7.30 P.MBengaluru
Sun 16th MayRR VS RCB3.30 P.MKolkata
Sun 16th MayCSK VS MI7.30 P.MBengaluru
Mon 17th MayDC VS SRH7.30 P.MKolkata
Tues 18th MayKKR VS RR7.30 P.MBengaluru
Wed 19th MaySRH VS PK7.30 P.MBengaluru
Thus 20th MayRCB VS MI7.30 P.MKolkata
Fri 21th MayKKR VS SRH3.30 P.MBengaluru
Fri 21st MayDC VS KKR7.30 P.MKolkata
Sat 22nd MayPK VS RR7.30 P.MBengaluru
Sun 23rd MayDC VS MI3.30 P.MKolkata
Sun 23rd MayRCB VS CSK7.30 P.MKolkata
Mon 25th MayQualifier 1 7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Tues 26th MayEliminator 7.30 P.MAhmedabad
Thus 28th MayQualifier 2 7.30 P.M Ahmedabad
Sat 30th MayFinal7.30 P.MAhmedabad

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