Most Wickets In IPL

Most Wickets In IPL History in all Season

The biggest franchise league of the World IPL has gifted India many bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, T Natarajan, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, etc. The IPL has also helped European, African, and Australian bowlers to bowl effectively in the sub-continent. Over the years we have seen bowlers from all walks of life come and dominate in each respective year. Let’s contemplate the bowlers with the most wickets in IPL history. Indian pitches are spin-friendly but surprisingly only 2 out of 13 times spinners have won the Purple cap and the rest of the times seamers have conquered the chart. 

Most Wickets In IPL By A Player

Srilankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga has taken the most number of wickets (170) in the history of IPL. he recently bid adieu to franchise cricket after playing it for 13 years (2008-2020). Throughout his IPL career, Malinga has played for Mumbai Indians. Malinga has won the match many times for his team by his exceptional bowling. Malinga was known for his yorker and spectacular slower deliveries in franchise cricket. He also has the best bowling average and strike-rate among the bowlers with more than 100 wickets. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
122 170 19.80 16.62 5/13 7.14 1

Most Wickets In IPL 2008 

Pakistani left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir had the most number of wickets (22) in the IPL 2008. Tanvir is the first player to win the Purple Cap in the IPL. He bamboozled the batsmen with his swing bowling in the first IPL

representing Rajasthan Royals. Tanvir bowled with the best bowling average and economy in the inaugural edition of IPL. His 6/14 figure against CSK was the best bowling figure by a bowler for 11 years. In 2019 it was broken by Alzarri Joseph in 2019 he returned with 6/12 in 4 overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
11 22 12.09 11.22 6/14 6.46 1

Most Wickets In IPL 2009 

Former Indian paceman RP Singh grabbed the most number of wickets (23) in the IPL 2009. RP played for Deccan Chargers in the 2009 IPL season. His outstanding form assisted Decan to wear the crown in the 2nd edition of the IPL. Singh also had the best bowling strike-rate among bowlers with more than 15 wickets. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
16 23 18.13 15.5 4/22 6.98 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2010 

Ex Indian left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha bagged the most number of wickets (21) in the IPL 2010. Ojha was a part of the Deccan Chargers squad in the 3rd edition of the IPL. He played a major role in taking his team to the semi-finals. He was the first spinner in the history of IPL to win the Purple cap.

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
16 21 20.42 16.8 3/26 7.29 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2011 

Lasith Malinga, the highest wicket-taker of the IPL grabbed the most wickets (28) for the first time in the IPL 2011. Malinga represented Mumbai Indians in the 4th season of the IPL. He took wickets with an average of 13.39, which was the best in that season. In terms of bowling strike-rate also topped the chart. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
16 28 13.39 13.50 5/13 5.95 1

Most Wickets In IPL 2012 

Former South African lanky fast bowler Morne Morkel had the most number of wickets (25) in the IPL 2012. Morkel played for Delhi Daredevils in the 2012 IPL season. Morkel bowled with an average raw pace at 145 km/hr in that season. He used to produce bounce with his 1.96 mt height. He made the batsmen struggle with his incredible bowling.

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets

Most Wickets In IPL 2013 

Caribbean all-rounder Dwayne Bravo bagged the most number of wickets (32) in the IPL 2013. He is the First all-rounder to win the Purple cap in the history of IPL. Bravo’s 32 wickets are also the highest by any bowler in a single edition of the IPL. Bravo’s 11.71 bowling strike-rate is the best bowling strike-rate by an individual in a single season of IPL. But unfortunately, Bravo ended up being the part of runners up CSK side in 2013. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
16 32 15.53 11.71 4/42 7.95 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2014 

Indian speedster Mohit Sharma took the most number of wickets (23) in the IPL 2014. Sharma was in CSK’s team in the 2014 IPL. Sharma is known for his exceptional back-hand slower delivery, which has puzzled many batsmen in the game. He was the leader of CSK’s pace attack in 2014. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
16 23 19.69 14.04 4/14 8.39 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2015

Dwayne Bravo grabbed the most number of wickets (26) in the IPL 2015. Bravo became the first-ever player to own the Purple cap twice (2013 &2015) in the IPL. He also notched up 195 runs in 14 innings with a strike-rate of 131.75. Because of his magnificent bowling, batting, and fielding CSK’s one of the main players have been Dwayne Bravo that’s why probably he hasn’t been released since his arrival in the team. 

MatchesWicketsAverageStrike-rateBest bowlingEconomy4-wickets5-wickets
17 26 16.38 12.07 3/22 8.14 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2016 

Indian seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar took the most number of wickets (23) in the IPL 2016. He played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the 8th edition of the lavish tournament. Kumar is one of those rarest guys who can swing the ball both ways precisely. He also bowled the most number of overs (66) in

the tournament. His sensational bowling had a huge impact on the winning Sunrisers Hyderabad side. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
17 23 21.30 17.21 4/29 7.42 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2017 

Again in 2017, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s leader of bowling attack Bhuvneshwar Kumar grabbed the most number of wickets (26) in the IPL 2017. Kumar is the only bowler in IPL history to win the Purple cap two times in a row and the only Indian to do so. His continuous bowling on the good length was the reason behind his success. Especially his unreadable knuckleballs completely deceived the batsmen. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
14 26 14.19 12.07 5/19 7.05 1

Most Wickets In IPL 2018 

Australian fast bowler Andrew Tye bagged the most number of wickets (24) in the IPL 2018. He is the first Australian bowler to win the Purple cap in IPL history. Tye played for KXIP in the 11th season of the IPL. Tye is known for his jaw-dropping slower balls especially knuckleball in the shortest format of the game. He also had the best bowling strike-rate (14) in the tournament. Most probably Tye has taken the most number of 4-for (3) in a single edition of IPL.

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
14 24 18.66 14 4/16 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2019 

Proteas leggie Imran Tahir had the most number of scalps (26 wickets) in the IPL 2019. He was part of the CSK squad in 2019. He is also the first leg-spinner to have the Purple cap in the IPL. Tahir executed his leg-breaks and googlies awesomely. He also bowled 149 dot balls in that season. 

Matche sWicket sAverag eStrike-r ateBest bowlin gEcono my4-wick ets5-wick ets
17 26 16.57 14.84 4/12 6.69 0

Most Wickets In IPL 2020

African sensation Kagiso Rabada took the most number of wickets (30) and named the purple cup in the IPL 2020. Rabada played for Delhi Capitals in the latest edition of the IPL. Rabada was one of the reasons DC made it to finals but unluckily couldn’t make it count. Rabada conquered the chart in terms of the best bowling strike with 13.13. Rabada’s 30 wicket is the second-highest by a bowler in a single edition.

MatchesWicketsAverageStrike-rateBest bowlingEconomy4-wickets5-wickets
17 30 18.26 13.13 4/24 8.34 0

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