UEFA Champions League is the 28th season of this tournament since it was renamed from the European Champion Club’s cup. 32 teams from all over Europe have qualified by their country’s own football league. The name of the clubs of England- Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City& Chelsea. Spanish clubs are- Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid& Valencia. The clubs of Italy are- Juventus, Atlanta, Napoli& Inter Milan. The participants of France are Lyon, Lille & Paris-Saint-Germain. Germany’s clubs which has made their way are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen & RB Leipzig. The two Belgian clubs are Club Brugge & Genk. Two Russian clubs are Lokomotiv Moscow & Zenit Saint Petersburg. Turkey, Greece, Portugal, SERBIA, CROATIA, CZECH, Netherland& Austria has one club respectively, which are Galatasaray, Olympiacos, Benfica, Red Star Belgrade, Dinamo Zagreb, Slavia Prague, Ajax& Redbull Salzburg. All clubs are divided into 8 groups. 


Each team from group A-G played 6 matches (home& away) & made their place in the round of 16. From group A Real Madrid & Paris- Saint-Germain sealed their place. From group B, C, D, E, F, G& H (Bayern Munich & Tottenham Hotspur), (Manchester City& Atlanta), (Juventus& Atletico Madrid), (Liverpool& Napoli), (Barcelona & Borussia Dortmund), (Lyon& RB Leipzig), (Chealsea& Valencia) got into top 16. Tottenham Hotspur lost both homes & away match against RB Leipzig by 0-1 & 0-3, Timo Warner of RB scored a goal for his team’s away match. Atletico Madrid knocked out Liverpool by winning the home & away matches 1-0, 3-2. Italian club Atlanta eliminated Valencia with a win in both home & away matches 4-1 & 4-3. Paris-Saint-Germain eliminated Dortmund as they had more away goals (2). Manchester City cemented their place in the quarter-finals by winning both away& home match 2-1, 2-1. Lyon kicked out Juventus as they had more away goals to make their way into the quarter-finals. Barcelona eliminated Napoli with 3 away goals to get into the quarter-finals. Brayden Munich won the matches against Chelsea with 3-0& 4-1, 


The quarter-finals were played from 13h-18th August. The eight teams were MANCHESTER CITY, BARCELONA, ATLANTA, LYON, BAYERN MUNICH, PSG, ATLETICO MADRID & RB LEIPZIG. The 1st quarterfinal between ATLANTA &PSG was played at Estadio-da Luz in Lisbon. Paris-Saint-Germain won the match by 2-1 goal. For PSG Marquinhos & E choupo scored goals. In the second quarter-finals German club, RB Leipzig beat Atletico Madrid. The score was 2-1, D.olmo & T. Adams made goals for the winning team. The 3rd quarter-finals match which was played on 15th august between Bayern Munich & Barcelona. Munich eliminated Barca by 8-2 goals. For Brayen Munich Muller, Lewandowsky, Coutinho, Perisic, Kimmich, Gnabry notched goals. In the final quarter-finals match, Lyon knocked out Manchester City by 3-1 goal & made their place into the semi-finals. Conet & Dembele scored one & two goals respectively. 


The semi-finals were played from 19-20 august. In the first match on 19th august, Paris-Saint-Germain faced RB Leipzig. PSG Beat RB by 3-0. For PSG Marquinhos, Di-Maria & Bernat notched goals. In the 2nd semi-finals on 20th august, Bayern Munich eliminated Lyon by scoring 3-0 goals at Jose Alvalade Stadium by scoring 3-0. Lewandowsky & Gnabry made goals for Munich. 


The finals will be played at Estadio da Luz stadium in Lisbon where Brayen Munich met first-time Paris-Saint-Germain in the final. This will be Bayern Munich’s 11th final in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, where it will be Paris-Saint-Germain’s first-ever CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL. The winner of this cup will face UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE’s winner in UEFA SUPER CUP as well as QATAR FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP. In the next UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, the winner will get a spot in the group stage. 


Bayern’s Robert Lewandowsky has scored 15 goals so far which is highest in the tournament, followed by Erling Haaland & Serge Gnabry who has 10& 9 goals respectively. 


The craze of this league is across the globe. Every big city like Washinton DC, New York, California, London likes to watch the games of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Especially in India, this tournament has a huge fanbase because of players like NEYMAR, MESSI, RONALDO, MULLER, LEWANDOWSKI.  

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