Best bowling figures in ODI for India

Best bowling figures in ODI for India

Cricket has witnessed some mesmerizing bowling spells bowled by the Indian bowlers in ODI cricket over the years. These performances not only captivate fans but also leave an indelible mark on the history of the game. They serve as a testament to the exceptional talent and skill possessed by these bowlers, showcasing their ability to single-handedly dismantle opposition batting line-ups. let’s check out Best bowling figures in ODI for India –

Best bowling figures in ODI for India

We dive into the astounding achievements of those who have provided spectacular performances on the cricket field as we explore the top-performing Indian bowlers in the One Day International (ODI) format history.

Stuart Binny 

Stuart Binny 6/4 vs Bangladesh

Stuart Binny’s remarkable spell against Bangladesh in 2014 remains one of the most astonishing performances by an Indian bowler in limited-overs cricket. On June 17, 2014, during an ODI match in Mirpur, Bangladesh, Binny’s spell of 6 wickets for just 4 runs in 4.4 overs is particularly remarkable because it contributed significantly to India’s victory in that match. His ability to move the ball both ways and find the right line and length consistently troubled the Bangladeshi batsmen.

Anil Kumble 

Anil Kumble 6/12 vs West Indies

Anil Kumble‘s sensational bowling performance against the West Indies at Eden Gardens on November 27, 1993, is an iconic moment in the history of Indian cricket. In just 6.1 overs, Kumble managed to restrict the West Indies batsmen to a mere 12 runs while taking an incredible six wickets. His ability to extract sharp turn and bounce from the pitch left the West Indian batsmen baffled. Kumble’s remarkable feat remains the second-best bowling performance by an Indian in One-Day Internationals.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah 6/19 vs England

Jasprit Bumrah‘s outstanding bowling performance at The Oval on July 12, 2022, when he faced England, will be noted in cricketing history. In just 7.2 overs, Bumrah conceded a mere 19 runs while claiming a remarkable six wickets. His ability to extract pace, bounce, and deadly accuracy made him virtually unplayable on that day. Bumrah’s spell was instrumental in dismantling the opposition’s batting lineup and played a pivotal role in India’s success in that match.

Mohammed Siraj 

Mohammed Siraj 6/21 vs Sri Lanka

Mohammed Siraj’s exceptional performance during the Asia Cup 2023 final against Sri Lanka on September 17, 2023, was a display of his bowling brilliance and match-winning abilities. In a remarkable feat, Siraj bowled 7 overs, giving away only 21 runs while taking an astonishing 6 wickets. His ability to generate pace, swing, and maintain accuracy made him a formidable force on the field that day. Siraj’s spell played a crucial role in dismantling the Sri Lankan batting lineup and securing India’s victory in the Asia Cup final.

Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra 6/23 vs England

Ashish Nehra’s stunning performance during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 against England in Durban on February 26, 2003, is etched in cricketing history. In that memorable match, Nehra delivered a spell of sheer brilliance, bowling a full quota of 10 overs. During this incredible display, he conceded only 23 runs while capturing a remarkable six wickets. Nehra’s ability to maintain accuracy, extract movement off the pitch, and outsmart the opposition batsmen was on full display that day

10 Best bowling figures in ODI for India

S. No.PlayerBowling Figures
1.Stuart Binny6/4
2.Anil Kumble6/12
3.Jasprit Bumrah6/19
4.Mohammed Siraj6/21
5.Ashish Nehra6/23
6.Kuldeep Yadav6/25
7.Murali Kartik6/27
8.Ajit Agarkar6/42
9.Yuzvendra Chahal6/42
10.Amit Mishra6/48
Which bowler has the best bowling figure for India in ODIs?

Stuart Binny has the best bowling figure for India in ODIs, 6/4 against Bangladesh.

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