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Sports is the mainstay of our life. The most favorite sport of the general public is Cricket. Cricket was born in Britain; the sport was started in the Republic of India by residents of the European nation. Cricket conjointly entertains us and makes our health too sensible. it had been thought-about a “Royal Game” once the sport was initially introduced.

Cricket contends between teams of 2 players. each group has 11–11 players. This game contends with the assistance of bat, ball, and wicket (stumps) within the open field. In today’s life, cricket has many alternative kinds of classes, like in some unspecified time in the future, T20, check Matches, International championships, etc. The team to get the foremost runs within the game are victorious. Currently, cricket is that the most well-liked sport in countries like the Republic of India, England, the archipelago, Pakistan, Asian countries, African nations, Sri Lanka, etc.

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