Crickex Referal Code & Bonus

Unlike almost all bookmakers and gambling providers online, Crickex doesn’t have the first deposit or welcome bonuses that offer a gift in the form of the money or free slot spins that let people try their luck without spending their own money. Of course, with these bonuses you often can’t withdraw the money until you spend it all.

In place of a classic welcome bonus, Crickex has several interesting special offers. Among them, there are two major bonuses most people will be dealing with. They are, as follows:

  • A gift point bonus. That’s essentially a loyalty program that ensures you get gift points in exchange for making wagers. 500 units of cash can get you 1 gift point (1000 in the live casino section), which can then be converted into real money. 1 gift point = 1 money unit.
  • A referral bonus. You can give your friend, acquaintance or whoever else a Crickex refer code that can be used during the registration. If activated, it can be used to grant a monetary bonus both to the referred friend and to the referrer. It’s the closes thing this website has to a welcome bonus.

All payments, transactions and wagers on this website are done with the three supported currencies – that being Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi currencies. None other are permitted.

First Deposit Bonus on Crickex

As mentioned, Crickex doesn’t yet have a first deposit bonus or a deposit bonus of any sort. As such, you can’t count on the big sum of cash going your way in case of a deposit. Many people welcome it, as a way to make a few big exciting wagers without spending their money. Others see it as a burden, instead.

Be that as it may, Crickex doesn’t plan on adding anything of the sort just yet. The closes thing they have to a welcome bonus is the referral bonus. Essentially, it allows a new user to get 500 INR (or equivalent) with very few limitations on how to spend them in the first 15 days of their account’s existence.

The conditions are, as follows:

  • The referred person should deposit a total worth of 2000 INR and wage a total worth of 6000 INR.
  • The deposits and wagers for the bonus program are only counted within the first 15 days of the account’s existence.
  • Upon the completion of that goal, both the referred person and their referrer receive a total worth of 500 INR each. 

For many people, it amounts to a few deposits and several big wagers. Note that they even need to be big wagers – you only need to bet money. If you do it within 15 days after activating your Crickex refer code, you’ll receive a small gift. That’s the closest you get to a welcome bonus on this bookmaker.

How to Get Crickex Referral Code

To invite someone over to Crickex, you need to give them your referral code. It’s unique for each user, so you can’t find a random one online. Before you get the code, however, you need to verify your account. In particular, the phone number should be verified, but you could do the whole process just to be sure.

After you’ve verified your account, you can find the necessary code in your ‘my account’ settings. Just copy it and send to your friend. You can refer as many people as you’d like, but you can only get one bonus per each invited user. Note also that you can’t use it with other promotions, and only one account is permitted per person, so you can’t just refer yourself and create a second account.

How to Activate the Referral Bonus

After you’ve received the Crickex refer code from your friend, you need to go straight to this website and click ‘sign in’ at the top right corner, which should lead you to a registration page. Here, you’ll have to create a username, a password, pick a preferred currency and include a referral bonus at the bottom.

From here on, you can just start betting because you only need your account to deposit money and make bets. Essentially, you can reach the referral target right after registering, and that will give you and your referrer a bonus of 500 INR each. After that, you’ll be able to use it.

Note, however, that there are limitations for using this bonus. You won’t be able to use this money for some activities, such as bets with odds lower than 1.5 or higher than 5. Some activities also won’t be counted towards the bonus, such as the Cricket Match Odds or the Bookmaker Market.

Besides that, there aren’t many limitations on how to use or achieve this bonus. Also note that, because you can start depositing and betting right after you create your account, the timer for those 15 days will start right away. Because of it, some people come prepared and make deposit right off the bet.

You can make a deposit using the regular bank transfer or a payment service such as PayTM or Rupee-O. There are quite a few of them, and the commissions are usually not that high. They claim that it takes just up to 6 hours to process the transfer, although the deposits are done way earlier, for obvious reasons.

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