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Cricket Bat For Boys of 12-14 Years Old

Cricket may not be the national sport of India but it is definitely the most played sport in India. People treat it like a religion in India, it is something that makes people united from all walks of life. Keeping the incrementing craze of Cricket in mind, now many parents have come forward to break the stereotype related to their child’s future and want them to be cricketers. In this article, we are going to recommend top Cricket Bat For Boys of 12-14 Years Old.

Nowadays we can see many kids embark on their journey of professional cricket from a very young age of 8-9 years with a tennis bat. Initially, a young player does both batting and bowling. There are many parents who want them to give their kids the best gear in their budget. Especially if you are a batsman, you definitely need a bat that will make your effort in batting fruitful.

Poplar Willow Wooden Cricket Bat with Tennis Cricket Ball (Combo) for Boys Red and Bag Cover

Poplar Willow Wooden Cricket Bat with Tennis Cricket Ball (Combo) for Boys Red and Bag Cover

This bat is from the Poplar company, suitable for playing with all kinds of tennis balls. The weight of this bat is 999 Gm. With this bat, you will also get a free tennis ball. The price of the bat is Rs 399 as of 14th August 2021. If you want to have a decent bat in this budget, this can be the best option for you to kickstart your cricket career and play elegant strokes.

Willow Ceat Cricket Bat For Boys and Girls With Cover Bag And Ball

Poplar Willow Wooden Cricket Bat with Tennis Cricket Ball (Combo) for Boys Red and Bag Cover

Willow Ceat cricket bat for boys and girls with cover bag and ball is one cricket bat which boys of 12-14 years may enjoy a lot. The weight of the bat is 990 gm. The company is giving a freebie lightweight tennis ball too. Cricket fans will also get Rohit Sharma’s autograph too on this bat. There are few products you may get like this in the market. 

Sharp Vision Cricket Bat With Free Ball For Boys And Girls

Sharp Vision Cricket Bat with Free Ball for Boys & Kids Size Variation (Sticker multibrands) with Variation

Sharp Vision cricket bat comes with 462 gm weight, one of the most light-weighted cricket gear in the market you can buy. The kids who want to use a light weighted bat, it is a perfect bat. You can get this bat on Amazon at a price of 349, which makes it one of the best at the price of Rs 350.  

Sunley Cricket Wooden Cricket Combo

Sunley Wooden Cricket Kit Combo for All Age Group

Sunley cricket wooden cricket combo is the perfect combo for the one who wants a ball, bat, and stumps together. Among all combo products, Amazon has termed it as a cricket bat for the boys of 12-14 years. The price of this gear is kept at Rs. 785. A newbie cricketer does not have to worry about any gear as the much-needed gears are already given.

MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit For Tennis Ball Combo

MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit For Tennis Ball Combo

One of the highest-rated combo cricket kits for Tennis ball is MRPT wooden combo. The buyers can get it for 685 rupees. The combo kit contains a bat, a ball, and three stumps. Some of the users have called it the best quality kit also. So one can go for it without any hesitation. 

Village Plastic Bat For Tennis And Wind Ball

Willage Plastic Bat, Plastic Cricket Bat Hard Plastic, Plastic Bat for Tennis and Wind Ball, Cricket Bat Size 6, Blue

If you want a stylish black colour cricket bat for the boys of 12-14 years. This is made of hard premium plastic material but suitable for playing with tennis and wind balls. The price is also reasonable, only 336 rupees. 

Stellar Marvel popular Willow Cricket Bat

Stellar Marvel popular Willow Cricket Bat

Under 500 rupees stellar marvel popular cricket bat can be a very good gear. The bat weighs 999 gm. It has a good stroke for tennis ball cricket as per few users of this bat. The price of this bat is 499 rupees. Buyers will also get a tennis ball with it. 

PMG Virat Kohli Popular Willow Bat

PMG Virat Kohli Popular Willow Bat

The PMG Virat Kohli popular willow bat comes with a short handle, which makes it comfortable to hold. For the kids, who like a heavyweight bat would like it very much, as it’s 2 kg. But stroke is something, can give you an edge during playing. You can buy this bat for 399 rupees. 

Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit

SUNLEY Plastic Cricket kit for All Age Groups and Sizes (1 Piece Cricket Bat, 4 Piece Wickets, 2 Piece Base, 2 Piece Bails, 1 Piece Wind Ball, 1 Piece Kit Bag)

One of the most classy cricket bats is Sunley plastic cricket, which comes along with 4 piece wickets, 2 piece bails, 1 piece wind ball, and a kit bag. The color of this bat will give a young prodigy immense energy to play. The price of this kit is 899 rupees. 

SKE New Solid Popular Willow Bat

Ske New Solid Popular Willow Cricket Bat for All Tennis Balls Full Size…

Within the price of 500 rupees, SKE new solid popular willow bad can be a great addition to your cricketing journey. Apart from good stroke, 890 gm weight makes this bat a great weapon. It is comfortable for playing with every kind of tennis ball. The latest price of this bat on Amazon is Rs 495.

What should be the ideal weight of a cricket bat?

The ideal weight should be 850-1000 gm.

What is the price of a cricket bat for a 12-14-years old boy?

If it is a tennis bat, then the price should be RS 400-800.

What is the price of a tennis combo cricket kit?

The price of a tennis combo cricket is RS 650-1000.

Will you get a ball free along with a cricket bat?

Yes, with some bats you will get a cricket bat.

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