Cricket Ireland Coaches Association (CICA)

Cricket Ireland Coaches Association membership for 2023-24 is now open

The Cricket Ireland Coaches Association membership for 2023-24 is now open which is sponsored by @ONeills1918.

What is CICA?

CICA is the home of Ireland cricket coaches which is powered by ONeills clothing brand.

What does CICA or Cricket Ireland Coaches Association provide?

The CICA supports Irish cricket coaches by providing a range of benefits, which includes insurance, discounts on both O’Neills clothing and equipment, and tickets to international cricket matches in Ireland.

Who are eligible for Cricket Ireland Coaches Association (CICA) membership?

To be a proud CICA member and eligible for the benefits you need to be able to show evidence, if required, of a current Police Check (Access NI/Garda Vetting) and having completed:

  • A Cricket Ireland coaching course (e.g. Welcome to Coaching, prior to 2019; Cricket Ireland Coaching Kids 5-11 years or Cricket Ireland Coaching Cricket, 2019 onwards), or

  • An ICC ‘Introduction to Cricket’ Course, or

  • Any ECB coach qualification (e.g. ECB Level One (or equivalent) and above).

In addition, you must have current Safeguarding Training (for coaches coaching participants aged 17 years of age and under).

Furthermore, to be eligible for the insurance cover provided by CICA membership, a coach must be a non-professional cricket coach (i.e. cricket coaching cannot be the member’s primary source of income), and they cannot be employing someone to do cricket coaching for them.

What are the benefits of CICA membership?

Being a member of CICA entitles the member to the following benefits:


  • 20% discount on any O’Neills CICA clothing or equipment
  • 25% discount on tickets to International cricket matches in Ireland

CICA Insurance

For the period of 1/03/2023 to 29/02/2024

Subject to meeting the CICA membership requirements listed above, CICA members are covered for the following:

A. Public Liability – Limit of Indemnity €6.5 million (anyone claim; €300 excess)

B. Wrongful Tuition & Advice – Limit of Indemnity €100,000 (anyone period; €300 excess)

C. Injury – Bodily injury resulting in Death (maximum limit per insured person, €30,000); Permanent Total Disablement (maximum limit per insured person,€30,000); Permanent Disabling Injuries (maximum limit per insured person, €30,000); Temporary Total Disablement (€120). The deferment period for Temporary Total Disablement is 2 weeks, and the benefit period is 52 weeks.

* Note: the insurance cover outlined above only applies to training sessions.

What is the cost of CICA Membership?

The cost for CICA membership in 2023 (01/03/2023 to 29/02/2024) is €65 (NB: this includes a €1 processing fee).

To get the membership visit:

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