Look for Surprises in the ICC World Cup 2023

Look for Surprises in the ICC World Cup 2023

The Cricket World Cup is right around the corner. We all know that England is coming to India to try and spoil their homecoming with a second consecutive World Cup victory.

Naturally, the hosts and the previous champion have the biggest chances of winning the competition. Betting on India or England to win the upcoming tournament is no-nonsense. But, as we know, sports are prone to giving us surprises we never see coming. 

This time, however, you can be prepared for some of the potentially surprising outcomes. Check out the statistically unlikely events that we believe have a chance of happening. Or, go directly to CBA, and find the best cricket betting advice we know.

Outside Factors to Consider

The best squad doesn’t always win. Multiple factors determine who takes home the trophy, and the most important doesn’t have to be which country has the best squad.

As we know, the last three World Cups were won by one of the hosting teams. This year, that’s India. Even though England’s squad may be better on paper, this detail makes India the favourites in our minds. Home advantage has proven that it shouldn’t be taken lightly in cricket, and after three World Cups in a row, we won’t make that mistake again.

Also, India has the biggest cricket fanbase in the world. Imagine how these fans will cheer their team to victory on home soil.

Who Can Surprise at the 2023 CWC

New Zealand have never won the Cricket World Cup. However, they were close many times. Though they still haven’t managed to take home the trophy, the Kiwis have been one of the more consistent teams in past competitions.

It seems as if they always find a way to make it to the semifinals. So, who says they won’t be able to go over the hump and finally take home the gold? After four semifinals in a row, a championship is due to go their way. The only thing stopping them is the absence of Kane Williamson, their regular skipper.

Pakistan were the finalists of the 2022 T20 WC, and have shown themselves to be quite unpredictable at tournaments. Give them a chance at this year’s World Cup, and they may surprise the favourites.

Bangladesh is another team that many believe could prove fatal for some of the favourites. You can’t count out the Bangladesh squad, knowing how well they perform in One Day Internationals. The past few World Cups have proven to be quite successful for this team, and there’s a chance that Bangladesh will keep playing well.

So, make sure not to underestimate betting on anyone, especially teams as dangerous as the Tigers.

The conditions in India play in Bangladesh’s favour, but Afghanistan could take advantage of that, too. And, with this on their side, Afghanistan could stun a few giants on their way to a successful World Cup. Keep an eye open for their team, as they may deliver unexpected results to those who come out unprepared.

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