Most Wins in ODI By A International Cricket Team

Most Wins in ODI By A International Cricket Team

The most entertaining format of cricket is One Day International. Have we ever thought that what makes it the most amusing lay-out of the game? Well, then the answer is it gives both teams time to make a comeback and as a spectator, you may watch a thriller at any point of the game. The inaugural ODI match was played between England and Australia in 1971. To date, 27 ODI teams have taken part in more than 900 ODI matches. But one trait that people want to know is who is dominating the tally of most wins in ODI by a team. 

Australia has won the most matches in ODI cricket history, 584 wins. In 2nd place, there is team India with 526 wins in 1008 games, followed by the Pakistan cricket team with 495 wins in 942 matches.

Still, South Africa has the highest win percentage in ODI cricket, 63.6.

Australian Cricket Team

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Most Wins in ODI By
Most Wins in ODI

Indian Cricket Team

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Pakistan Cricket Team

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West Indies Cricket

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Sri Lankan Cricket Team

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Cricket South Africa

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England Cricket

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Zimbabwe Cricket Team

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Bangladesh Cricket

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Most Wins in ODI By A International Cricket

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Which team has won the most ODIs to date?

Australia has won the most ODIs to date, 584 matches.

How many matches has India won so far in ODI?

India has won 526 matches so far in ODI.

Who has the most runs in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar has the most runs in ODI (18426 runs).

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