Most Losses In Test 

Most Losses In Test 

Test cricket is the pinnacle of all formats. Every good team tends to prove their mettle in the longest format of the game. Doing well in test cricket leads them to thrive in other formats as well. In the current era of T20 cricket, Test cricket is still surviving due to the quality and thrill of the game, and the willingness of the players to play this greatest format. India, England, and Australia are the top teams in the test format. Australia has won the most test matches with 408 wins, followed by England which has 391 wins in total. But in today’s listicle, we will discuss teams with the Most Losses in Test Cricket

Most Losses In Test 


The nation that loves test cricket the most, England has faced the most losses in the format with 320 losses in 1066 games. The British team possesses a loss percentage of 30.01. With the perfect combination of bowlers, batsmen, and all-rounders England does wonders in tests. As a matter of fact, England has played the most matches to date in the test (1066).


The dominator of ICC tournaments, Australia comes in 2nd place in having the most losses in tests. Having played 859 tests, Australia has registered 231 losses at a decent loss percentage of 26,89. Besides all, Aussies have won the most test matches too (408). 

West Indies

Known as the king of the shortest format of the game, West Indies gets themselves in 3rd place in terms of losing the most tests with 209 losses out of 573. In the 19th century, West Indies was a top team in World cricket but now the quality of cricket in West Indies has been declining gradually due to corruption, lack of money, and proper mindset. 

New Zealand

The first winner of the World Test Championship, New Zealand is also featured on this list of most losses in tests. The Blackcaps are a decent test side with the ability to win matches at home and overseas. So far, The White Ferns have lost 182 matches out of 464 at a bizarre loss percentage of 39.22.

List of Teams with Most Losses in Test

Team Played Lost  Won Draw
Australia 859231408218
West Indies573209182181
New Zealand464182112170
South Africa460158177125
Sri Lanka31312110092
Which team has the most losses in the Test?

England has the most losses in tests, with 320 out of 1066 games.

Which team won the most test matches?

Australia has won the most test matches (408).

How many matches has India lost in test cricket?

India has lost 176 matches so far in test cricket.

How many matches has Australia lost in test cricket?

Australia has lost 231 matches in test cricket.

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