Cricket playing nations

Cricket Playing Nations- The increment of the craze of cricket

Cricket Playing Nations

Cricket was invented in the 16th century in South-east England. It is the world’s 2nd most exoteric sport after football. In 1844 at St. George Sports Club the first-ever international match was played. Despite being invented in England it hasn’t been limited to England, gradually all countries started playing cricket.

The first Inaugural test match was played in 1877 between Australia and England, England became the first team to play an overseas match. South Africa was the third country to get the test status (1889). The test status was given to India in 1932, New Zealand (1930) & West Indies (1928). Pakistan received their test status later in the year 1952. Currently, there are 12 test Cricket playing nations India, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Afghanistan, Ireland, and Bangladesh. 

Especially in India cricket is a religion, celebrated like a festival. It brings people from all walks of life together and makes the relationship between people strong regardless of religion, caste, and color, it makes us united. 

Earlier there were only 12 teams in cricket but now the number of teams has increased. Cricket is spreading in Europe and all over Asia rapidly. 

ICC (International Cricket Council) is organizing qualifiers for every region of Africa, Asia, Europe, and America to elicit the best team out of every continent, so that they can play the main ICC tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World cup, ICC Champions Trophy, etc. Hopefully, in the near future, the ICC tournament will be played with at least 20 teams. 

Underdogs teams are currently playing the shortest format of the game (T20) and mastering it. It’s great to see people from all over the world loving the game. 

Cricket Playing Nations except the 12 test playing nations  are given below

1. UAE 2. Netherlands 3. Scotland 4. Nepal 5. Bhutan 6. Oman 7. China 8. Thailand 9. Japan 10. Qatar 11. Saudi Arab 12. Kuwait 13. Malaysia 14. Singapore 15. Hong Kong 16. Fizi 17. Bahrain 18. Papua New Guinea 19. Namibia  20. Canada 21. Kenya 22. Jersey 23. Denmark 24. Bermuda 25. Uganda 26. Italy 27. Germany 28. The United States 29. Ghana 30. Guernsey 31. Botswana 32.Austria 33. Nigeria 34. Spain 35. Tanzania 36. Sweden 37. Belgium 38. Philippines 39. Argentina 40. Vanuatu 41. Belize 42. Hungary 43. Malawi 44. Panama 45. Costa Rica 46. Peru 47. The Chez Republic 48. Samoa 49. Mexico 50. Finland 51. Luxembourg 52. Portugal 53. Bulgaria 54. South Korea 55. Isle of Man 56. Malta 57. Brazil 58. Mozambique 59. Sierra Leone 60. Maldives 61. Chili 62. Indonesia 63. Myanmar 64. Saint Helena 65. Gibraltar 66. Gambia 67. Rwanda 68. Lesotho


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