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The captain plays a major role in a team in cricket just like other sports, but in cricket captain has to take care of many things to make his team win a game. Because in cricket in a match two batsman bat for their team & while the opponent bowls & fields. So, for both sides, the captain has to make all decisions. He has to decide who will bowl when, what should be the fielding, who will bat at what position, skipper takes all the calls for his team. The captain is accountable for a loss or win. It has always been a task of pressure. Now pressure defers from person to person, some people do well under high pressure & some can’t. Here is a brief description of the Key Points Of Cricket Captain.

key points or responsibilities of a cricket captain


Qualities of a good cricket captain are

Knowledge of how to become a captain

  • Gaining a thorough knowledge about the game and for that knowing the basics rules and regulations is mandatory.
  • Being a captain cool in stressful situations is the key virtue of a successful captain.
  • Researching teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, similarly using their key skills in the appropriate time also a key point having a good captain.
  • Always prepared mentality about winning or losing situation and have to stand by and be concrete on own decisions.

Leading team towards a grand victory

  • Taking advantage of pre-game toss to get a pre-profit for your team
  • Performing in a match with the same focus and intensity alike you expect from your teammates.
  • Do rotate players judiciously as per need.
  • The willingness of giving newer players a fair chance & motivate them to perform well

Showing the Necessary Leadership Skills For Team Development

  • Be yourself in a professional manner at all times whatever it is on field or off field
  • Be open to your teammate, talk to them and solve their queries, be polite & maintain a friendly atmosphere among teammates.
  • Winning or losing but make the game enjoyable as top priority.

Qualities of a Cricket Skipper-key points

  • a good captain always motivates his teammates to do well irrespective of the situation 
  • the person always changes strategy according to the situation 
  • A good captain always leads from the front 
  • he can recognize the match winners & backs good players 
  • he always assists his teammates & respects them 
  • always face the defeat from front-line & take responsibility 
  • he doesn’t care about his personal glories & always put his team first 

In cricket, many captains have come & departed but by the stats, Rickey Ponting Is the most successful skipper in international cricket. He has 219 wins in 322 matches in his 9 years of captain-ship for Australia with a winning ratio of 67.91%. He has made the Australian side best ever during his captain-ship by winning home & away matches equally. Under his captaincy, AUSTRALIA won 2 world cups. 

ms dhoni retirement from International cricket 2020

When it comes to winning all 3 ICC trophies MS DHONI has set the record by winning all 3 major ICC trophies (world cup 2011, T20 world cup 2007 & champions trophy 2013). He has won 178 matches for India across all formats. He was known for his cool & calm attitude, which has helped India to win many matches. 

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List of Most Successful Cricket Captains in the World

Few most successful captains in cricket history are :

  1. Ricky Ponting
  2. MS Dhoni
  3. Stephen Fleming
  4. Graeme Smith
  5. Allan Border
  6. Mohammad Azharuddin
  7. Arjuna Ranatunga
  8. Wessel Johannes Cronje
  9. Imran Khan
  10. Sourav Ganguly
Who is the most successful cricket captain in cricket history ?

Ricky Ponting.

Who is the most successful Indian cricket captain?

MS Dhoni

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