Most Catches In ODI

Most Catches In ODI By a Non-Wicket-Keeper

“Catches win Matches” this adage dictates the significance of catches in the great game of cricket. Especially, in the limited over format, it has a huge impact due to the less time compared to the longest format of the game. In Tests, you may get another chance to get a batsman out as you have 90 overs a day there. on the contrary, in ODIs the wickets are flat, the ball doesn’t help much and finite time makes it inevitable for the fielders to grab every possible opportunity. There are few fielders among thousands, who have made their mark in ODIs through great fielding. Let’s have a look at the list of players with the most catches in ODI cricket. 

Mahela Jayawardene

The legend from Sri Lanka, Mahela Jayawardene has taken the most number of catches in ODI cricket with 218 catches in 448 matches. Mahela’s hand has been one of the safest hands for the bowlers. His deep concentration on the game helped him to achieve the feat. Jayawardene is the only fielder to take 200 catches in the One Day Internationals history. He has taken a maximum of 4 catches in an ODI match. It’s needless to say that Mahela Jayawardene is the 2nd highest catch grabber (205)  in Tests.

Ricky Ponting

The two-times World Cup winner (2003 & 2007) has grabbed the 2nd most number of catches in ODIs, 160 catches in 375 appearances. Ponting has mostly fielded at backward point, which is one of the toughest positions to field at. He was very lighting quick on the field, which has always kept the batsmen intimated. Ricky’s catch per innings ratio was 0.430. 

Mohammad Azharuddin

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin is at the 3rd position on the list of most catches in ODIs by a non-wicket-keeper, taking 156 catches in 334 matches. Azhar is one of the best fielders India has ever seen. Azharuddin’s batting has made his fans ignore his catching stats, but it is incredible. In the 90s fielding was not spectacular, however, he displayed a great piece of fielding. Four catches in a 50 over match was his best fielding performance. 

Ross Taylor

Veteran Kiwi batsman Ross Taylor has made a place among the players with the most catches in ODI cricket history. The top-order batsman has taken 142 catches in 236 appearances for his country. Taylor is an excellent fielder in the circle along with being a reliable batsman. When he is around, bowlers don’t need to worry at all about misfielding. He once grabbed 4 catches in an ODI match. 

Sachin Tendulkar

The highest run-scorer in international cricket has also made it to the list of the most catches in ODI cricket. Sachin has helped the bowlers to dismiss a batsman by taking catches 140 times in his career. Tendulkar’s this record is not known to many cricket lovers. He has made his country proud by taking some splendid catches also, used to field in the 30-yard circle. Sachin has taken a max of 4 catches in an ODI match. 

The List of Players with the most catches in ODI

Player Matches Innings Catches Max catches (Innings)
M Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)4484432184
R Ponting (Australia)3753721603
M Azharuddin (India)3343321564
S Tendulkar (India)4634561404
R Taylor (New Zealand) 2362321424
V Kohli (India)2602581373
S Fleming (New Zealand)2802761334
J Kallis (South Africa)3283241313
Y Khan (Pakistan)2652571304
M Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)3503471303
Which fielder has taken the most catches in ODI?

Mahela Jayawardene has taken the most catches in ODI (218).

Which Indian player has grabbed the most catches in ODI?

Mohammad Azharuddin has grabbed the most catches in ODI, 156.

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