Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History

Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History

The upcoming 2023 ODI World Cup promises to be an exhilarating cricketing spectacle, scheduled to commence on October 5 and hosted entirely by India for the first time. While cricket often thrills fans with its display of elegant strokes and classic shots, it becomes truly electrifying when batsmen unleash an onslaught of boundaries.

Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History

In the ODI format, where pacing one’s innings is typically emphasized, some players defy convention and opt for an all-out attacking approach. While a 20 or 25-ball fifty is typical in T20 cricket, there have been plenty of spectacular efforts at the ODI World Cup. Cricket fans are mesmerized by these instances of power-hitting batting, which highlight the versatility and flow that make the ODI format a compelling feature of the cricketing environment. Fans may anticipate seeing more of these thrilling and breathtaking performances as the World Cup progresses. In this article we will cover the fastest fifty scored in the ODI world cup history. 

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is recognized as one of the most explosive players in cricket history. He is a dynamic New Zealand batsman. McCullum has had a big impact on the World Cup. In 27 innings, he has hit the ball at an astounding strike rate of 120.85, amassing 6 fifties and 1 hundred. Notably, McCullum owns the World Cup record for the fastest 50.  His explosive 77 off just 50 balls, completed in just 18 balls, against England in 2015 stands out as a remarkable performance and secured his status as a power-hitting superstar on the cricketing stage. 

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum’s explosive batting brilliance in the 2007 World Cup also earned him the distinction of scoring one of the fastest fifties in the tournament’s history. He achieved this remarkable feat by reaching his half-century in just 20 balls. During this innings, McCullum unleashed his power-hitting abilities, smashing 5 sixes and a solitary four. This exceptional performance solidifies his place at the second spot for the fastest fifties in the World Cup. 

Angelo Mathews

Angelo Mathews, the Sri Lankan all-rounder, etched his name in World Cup history by scoring the third-fastest fifty during the 2015 World Cup. In a league game against Scotland, Mathews achieved this remarkable milestone in just 20 balls. His explosive innings contributed significantly to Sri Lanka’s formidable total of 363 in that match, highlighting his ability to accelerate the scoring rate with aggressive stroke-play. 

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell, a formidable and feared batsman in the world of cricket, is renowned for his extraordinary striking abilities. During the 2015 World Cup, Maxwell’s incredible hitting ability was on full display when he reached his fifty in a mere 21 balls, with his total score at 88. This remarkable innings came against Afghanistan and showcased his ability to accelerate the run rate with aggressive and fearless batting. 

Mark Boucher

In the 2007 World Cup match against the Netherlands, Mark Boucher’s batting display was nothing short of intimidating from the very beginning. Boucher’s innings culminated in a spectacular fashion as he scored a blistering 75 runs off just 31 balls. During his explosive innings, he maintained a strike rate well in excess of 200, hitting 9 fours and 4 sixes. This remarkable performance highlighted Boucher’s ability to dominate opposition bowlers and left a lasting impression on the match, making it a memorable moment in World Cup history.

Top 10 Players with Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History

S. NoPlayerTotal ScoreAgainstBalls To Reach 50
1Brendon McCullum (NZ)77England18
2Brendon McCullum (NZ)52Canada20
3Angelo Mathews (SL)51Scotland20
4Glenn Maxwell (Aus)88Afghanistan21
5Mark Boucher (SA)75Netherlands21
6Brendon McCullum (NZ)50Australia21
7Mark Boucher (SA)52West Indies22
8Dinesh Chandimal (SL)52Australia22
9Brendon McCullum (NZ)59South Africa22
10Brian Lara (WI)73Canada23


Who has Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History ?

Brendon McCullum has Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History and he smashed fastest half century 4 times.

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