Most ODI Wins Against Australia

Most ODI Wins Against Australia

Australia is by far the best cricket team globally across all formats. Australian cricket team likes to play aggressively in all aspects of the game. The Men in Yellow played their maiden ODI match against England in 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, winning by 5 wickets. Since then, they have taken part in more than 900 ODIs and managed to keep a win percentage of 60.73.

In the late 90s and early 20s, every team used to evaluate themselves against Australia, such was their quality and greatness. But things have not changed abundantly as Aussies still enchant a threat to other teams. In this article, we will inform you about the teams with the most ODI wins against Australia

Most ODI Wins Against Australia


England has registered the most ODI wins against Australia. From 1971 to 2023, England played 155 matches against the Kangaroos and came out victorious in 63 matches with a decent win percentage of 40.64. Hence it is clear that despite winning the most ODIs, their win percentage is below average. 

West Indies 

West Indies has the 2nd most wins in ODI against Australia. Having locked the horns on 143 occasions, WI beat Australia on 61 occasions while facing defeat 76 times. Although their win percentage is slightly better than England, 42.65. Most of West Indies’s wins appeared in the 90s when they were top in the world. 


Our beloved nation India occupies 3rd place on the elite tally of most ODI wins against Australia. India and Australia matches are always a treat to watch as it produces high-voltage contests. So far, India has fared Aussies in ODIs 146 times and has been triumphant in 54 outings with an unattractive win percentage of 36.98. In the 90s and early 20s, Australia completely dominated the Men in Blue in the format, however, India turned the table after 2010 and began thrashing the Yellow Army regularly. 

South Africa 

South Africa stands 4th in terms of having the most ODI wins against Australia. Proteas has clashed with the Aussies 103 times only and tasted victory 51 times. Their win percentage of 49.51 is the highest by any team and dictates their domination over Australia since the beginning. 

List of Most ODI Wins Against Australia 

TeamMatches Won Lost Win %Tied NR
England 155638740.6423
West Indies143617642.6533
India 146548236.9810
South Africa103514849.5131
New Zealand141399527.657
Pakistan 107346931.7713
Which team has the most ODI wins against Australia?

England has the most ODI wins against Australia, 63 out of 155. 

How many ODIs has India won against Australia?

India has won 54 ODIs against Australia, playing 146 ODIs.

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