Most Runs In Tests In Women’s Cricket

Most Runs In Tests In Women’s Cricket

Test Cricket is the most exciting and challenging format in cricket. But in Women’s cricket, it is the least played format of the game. There are various reasons behind it like- cricket boards do not invest too much money due to low return, women are less fit for the format compared to men, and lack of good technique for the red ball cricket is also considered one of the reasons to not play the longest format of the game. The first-ever Women’s test match was played between England and Australia at Brisbane in 1934. It was a 3-day match and England had a victory over Australia by 9 wickets. Till now 140 Women’s test matches have been played. And the interesting fact is the most number of Test matches were played in the 90s. The 7 out of 10 top test scorers are from England. Let’s talk about the batsman with the most runs in tests in Women’s cricket

JA Brittin

Most Runs InJA Brittin Tests In Women’s Cricket

Janette Ann Brittin has scored the most number of runs in Women’s tests, 1935 runs in 27 matches (44 innings) with a fascinating average of 49.61. She has also hit 5 centuries & 11 half-centuries, which is also the highest by any individual in Women’s cricket. Brittin has also played the highest number of test matches (27). She represented from 1979 to 1998. Brittin’s best score in tests is 167.

Charlotte Edwards


Ex English skipper Charlotte Edwards has amassed the 2nd most number of runs in tests in Women’s cricket. Edwards has made 1676 runs in 23 matches (43 innings) with a commendable average of 44.10, her average demonstrates that she was as good in tests as ODIs. Edwards has smacked four 100s and nine 50s in the longest format of the game. 117 is her highest score in tests. She is regarded as one of the best all-format players in Women’s cricket. 

R Heyhoe Flint Has 3rd Most Runs In Tests In Women’s Cricket


Rachel Heyhoe Flint has made the 3rd most number of runs in Women’s tests, 1594 runs in 22 matches (38) with an average of 45.54. Flint played international cricket for England for 22 years (1960-1982). Heyhoe is the first batswoman to hit a six in a test match in Women’s cricket. During her captaincy, England women won six test series consecutively between 1966-1978. Rachel smacked 10 hundreds in her test career, which is the second-highest by any batswoman in women’s cricket. 

Deborah Ann Hockley


Former Kiwi cricketer Deborah Ann Hockley has scored the 3rd most number of runs in women’s tests. She has accumulated 1301 runs in 19 tests (29 innings) with an impressive average of 52.04. Even in Men’s cricket, there are very few players who average above 50 in tests. Her international career was of 17 years (1979-1996). 

CA Hodges

CA Hodges

Ex English women cricketer Carole Ann Hodges has notched up the 5th most test runs in Women’s cricket, 1164 runs in 18 matches (31 innings), averaging 40.13 in her test career of 8 years (1984-1992). Hodges has scored 2 centuries and 6 fifties. Her career-best is 158* in tests. 

Sandhya Agarwal

Sandhya Agarwal is a former Indian batswoman who represented India between 1984 to 1995. Agarwal occupies the 6th spot in terms of making the most runs in Women’s Test, amassing 1110 runs in 23 innings at a captivating average of 50.45. In just 11 matches, she hit four 100s and four 50s. 190 is her career best score.

Enid Bakewell

Former English cricketer Enid Bakewell gets 7th place in terms of making the most runs in Test cricket. The right-handed batswoman played 12 matches between 1968 to 1982 and accumulated 1078 runs. In just 12 matches, Bakewell surpassed the 100 runs milestone 4 times and 50 runs mark 7 times.

List of top 10 scores in Women’s tests

playerMatches Innings Runs Average Best 50s 100s
JA Brittin(ENG)2744193549.61167115
C Edwards (ENG)2343167644.1011794
RH Flint (ENG)2238159445.54179103
DA Hockley (NZ)1929130152.04126*74
CA Hodges (ENG)1831116440.13158*62
SA Agarwal (Ind)1323111050.4519044
E Blackwell (ENG)1222107859.8812474
SC Taylor (ENG)1527103041.2017724
ME Maclagan (ENG)1425100741.9511962
KL Rolton(Aus)1422100255.66209*52
B Clarke (AUS)152591945.95136
E Perry (AUS)111987673.00213*52
Who made the most runs in the Women’s test?

Janette Brittin made the most runs in the Women’s test (1935).

Who scored the most test runs for India in Women’s cricket?

Sandhya Agarwal made the most test runs for India in Women’s cricket, 1110 runs in 13 matches.

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