Most Wins In T20 International

Most Wins In T20 International

T20 cricket has taken the whole world by storm, such is the craze for the shortest format in the World. The first T20I match was played in 2005 between Australia and New Zealand. After that the way the format was being played between teams it has broken all the records in terms of numbers. Nowadays players are most likely to play T20 cricket than any other format especially due to lucrative deals in franchise cricket. A team needs a perfect combination of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders in order to win a T20I match. 

Pakistan has won the most number of matches in T20 cricket.


Pakistan has won the most number of matches in T20 cricket. Having played 223 matches, the green brigade has registered 134 wins. They have a win percentage of 60.08. Pakistan lifted their first T20 World Cup in 2009 at Lord’s beating Sri Lanka in the finals.


The 2nd position on the list features none other than the all-formats specialist Team India. India has positive results 131 times out of 206 times. Their win percentage of 63.59 is the highest among full ICC members dictates their domination in the format.

New Zealand

New Zealand finds itself in 3rd place in terms of winning the most T20 internationals. The Oceanian country is yet to win a T20 World Cup but holds a decent record, having 102 wins in 200 matches. 

Team with Most Wins In T20 International

Team Matches Wins Losses Win %
Pakistan 2231348060.08
New Zealand2001028351.00
South Africa171957255.55
Australia 177947653.10
Sri Lanka179799444.13
West Indies184769541.30
Which team has won the most T20 matches?

Pakistan has won the most T20 matches (134). 

How many matches India has won in T20?

India has won 131 T20I matches. 

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