Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player in 2022

Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player in 2023

Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player  : Ranji Trophy is the pinnacle of all tournaments in Indian domestic cricket. In fact, you can call it the pipeline of Indian cricket. Every growing cricketer must play Ranji Trophy in his life to play for India. Remarkable performance in this marquee event can help one to knock on the door of the national team selectors. 

Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player 2023

Ranji Trophy was started in 1934, contemporary Madras and Mysore played the first match on the Chepauk ground. When Ranji Trophy began the salary was significantly less. But after India’s victory in the 1983 World Cup, many people started taking cricket professionally and Ranji Trophy’s value increased immensely. 

Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player 2020-21

For the past few years, every team plays 10-12 matches in Ranji Trophy. Till the 2020-21 season, Ranji players used to earn INR 35000 per day (playing xi) and nonplaying xi would get INR 17500 every day. The same was the pay structure for Vijay Hazare Trophy. 

Salary Of A Ranji Trophy Player for 2021-22

From the 2021-2022 season, BCCI pays every playing xi cricketer with 41-60 matches INR 60000 per day, while the reserve players get 30000 for a day. On the other hand, players with 21-40 matches get 50000 a day, and non-playing are entitled to earn 25000 per day. However, less experienced players who have an experience of 0-20 matches earn INR 40000 for each playing day and payment is half for the reserve players of this category. 

The same salary structure is followed for Vijay Hazare Trophy but it is a one-day format event, although Ranji Trophy is a four-day tournament.

When it comes to the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, BCCI pays INR 17500 per game for every Syed Mushtaq Ali game as per the latest pay scale. 

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  1. It is really interesting that in India, players have a handsome amount of salary even if they do not claim Indian National Team or IPL

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