Cricket in Olympics 2028 Los Angeles

Cricket in Olympics 2028 Los Angeles

The decision to include cricket in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2028 is a historic milestone for the sport. Cricket had been part of the Olympics once before, way back in 1900 when only two teams, Great Britain and France, participated. However, it had not been included in subsequent editions. The formal ratification by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is significant because it opens up new horizons for the sport. With over three billion viewers across TV and digital platforms, the Olympics provide an enormous stage for cricket to showcase itself. This presents a unique opportunity for the sport to engage with a diverse global audience, potentially introducing it to people who may not have been exposed to cricket previously.

Cricket in Olympics 2028

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympic Games is expected to have far-reaching implications for the sport. It will likely drive greater participation and interest in cricket in countries that are not traditionally strongholds of the game. This, in turn, can contribute to the global expansion of the sport and potentially lead to the emergence of new cricketing nations. In addition to cricket, several other sports have been added to the lineup for the 2028 event, including baseball/softball, lacrosse, squash, and flag football. The proposal to include these sports was put forth by the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028 and was accepted during the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) session held in Mumbai.

Cricket in Olympics 2028 Los Angeles News Announcement 

“We are thrilled that cricket’s inclusion in the LA28 Olympic Games has been confirmed by the IOC Session today, To have the opportunity to showcase our great sport at the LA28 Games and hopefully many Olympic Games to come will be great for players and fans alike”. ICC Chairman Greg Barclay said. 

Overall, cricket’s return to the Olympics in 2028 represents a significant step forward in the sport’s globalization and will undoubtedly create excitement and anticipation among cricket enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

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