DPL T20 2021-Divyang Premier League T20 2021

DPL T20 2021-Divyang Premier League Updates

DPL T20 2021-Divyang Premier League is a T20 cricket tournament & very 1st edition of DPL T20 started on 2021. This cricket game format is for the physically challenged players. All matches of DPL T20 tournament held at the Sharjah International Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, UAE.

DPL T20 2021-Divyang Premier League

This tournament is played from 8th April to 15th April 2021. In total Six teams were competed in DPL T20 for 2021 edition. These teams are Chennai Super Stars, Delhi Challengers, Kolkata Knight Fighters, Mumbai Ideals, Gujarat Hitters and Rajasthan Rajwada. All teams played matches among them on a Round Robin League basis.

DPL T20 2021 edition is organized by Divyang Cricket Control Board of India. “Divyang” means Disabled and our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi has given the name “Divyang”.

DPL T20 Concept

Organizer Divyang Cricket Control Board of India DPL is going to be one of the biggest and most beautiful events in the history of Divyang Jan cricket. It took a full 6 months to make proper preparation for this event. All the physically challenged players enjoyed the game on the ground of Sharjah, this became one of memorable moment for the players. The attraction of the event is that the umpires in this DPL event were also Divyang, the scorers were also Divyang, all the organizers of the organizing committee were all physically disabled. With the effort of whole Divyang family this event became more and more beautiful creation like IPL. This tournament is making Physically Challenged Players play and feel proud on themselves on being a part of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India.

Winner of DPL 2021

Chennai Super Stars became champion of Divyang Premier League T20 2021. Kailash Prasad(took 3 wickets) awarded Man of the final match as well as man of the series for DPL 2021.

Various awards were distributed among players of the 1st edition of DPL 2021 like Jeet Bhowmick awarded as the best batsman, Ghulamdeen named as the best bowler, Chirag Gandhi awaeded as best fielder and Shiva Kumar got the best wicketkeeper award. Divyang Cricket Control Board of India also awarded match umpires Nagendra Singh Rajput and Yogesh Shinde and scorer Bhavin Panchal for their best efforts in DPL T20 2021 tournament.

CEO Miss Ghazal Khan told that this event will be held for 5 consecutive years at the Sharjah International Cricket Ground. For the upcoming four years, 8 teams will play in the event. In the next edition of DPL-T20, there will be 5 foreign players placed in each team.

CEO also expressed warm regards to Mobile Premier League (MPL) for their contribution in DPL 2021 as

ceo Ghazal Khan dccbi

Huge Thanks to Mobile Premier League (MPL) for helping us to create a History of Physically Challenged Cricket at the last moment for the very first edition of Divyang premier league DUBAI T-20 held at Sharjah International Stadium organized by Divyang Cricket Control Board Of India DCCBI 🙏🏻🙏🏻

– Ghazal Khan

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