Top 10 Yoga Mats In India

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats In India – “Yoga” has been derived from the word “yuz” which means to attach, join, etc. Yoga was first practiced in ancient India though Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and later it paved its way through western countries. Yoga assists you to connect your body with your mind. In today’s hectic schedule, we get through many unhealthy emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger, etc. which are mischievous for daily life. This is where Yoga comes into the picture. For practicing it precisely you should have a calm place along with a good yoga mat which will accommodate you to be at your best during the session.

Top 10 Yoga Mats In India

Benefits of Yoga

  • It makes you healthy and improves your posture. 
  • Practicing it can get you relief from anxiety, depression, and frustration. 
  • Yoga increases focus, patience, and discipline. 
  • The ace exercise controls your anger and helps you to build good habits as your mind constantly looks to achieve goals effectively. 

How to Choose best Yoga Mat?

Choosing best yoga mats in India is not a very difficult task but if we keep a few parameters in your mind like Grip, Portability, Durability, and support. Here are the tips to follow while going to buy a good yoga mat :

  1. Grip means your hands or any legs or any other body parts should not slip while doing Yoga. 
  2. Durability matters the most cause you won’t buy a yoga mat again and again, you will want to have the best material. 
  3. Support defines for the thickness of the mat, your knees, hands, or elbows are not supposed to hurt when you are doing yoga. However, it should not be much cushioned also that will disrupt your body alignment.  4 mm to 6 mm thickness is considered standard for yoga mats. 
  4. Portability stands for the ease of carrying the mat to anywhere without any hassle. You should prefer mats which are easy to roll and thin, a strap to carry is a plus point. 
  5. The last but not the least point to remember is to see the review given by the consumers, because people who use it can give you the best concept about any product, this will satisfy you too. 

10 Best Yoga Mats In India

TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Yoga Mat with Guide Align

TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Yoga Mat is a excellent quality products and many love that for it’s stylish design and build in quality. The thickness of the product is 5-6mm. Area of the yoga mat is 72*24 inch. The yoga mat is Anti Slip & Grippy. Men, women and kids all can use this.

Price Rs.2100-2500
Material Polyvinyl Chloride Foam
Thickness5-6 mm
Weight1600 gm
Dimension72*24*0.6 cm

OJS EVA Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag for Gym Workout and Yoga Exercise with 6mm Thickness, Anti-Slip Yoga Mat for Men & Women Fitness (Made in India)

OJS Eva Yoga Mat is the first mat which makes it to the list of top 10 yoga mats. This yoga mat is available in multiple colors on Amazon and made of eco friendly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, providing it sharp grip. Support, durability. The thickness of the product is 6 mm.

Price 450-600
Material EVA
Thickness6 mm
Weight250 gm
Dimension182*61*0.6 cm

Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men with Carry Strap, EVA Material 6mm Extra Thick Exercise mat for Workout Yoga Fitness Pilates and Meditation, Anti Tear Anti Slip For Home & Gym Use

Another best product on this list is the Boldfit Yoga mat for both men and women. This mat comes in blue color and is trading at INR 498 currently. Boldfit yoga mat has 6 mm thickness, while it weighs 350 gm. The specialty of this mat is sweat and moisture resistant technology, which will not make it soaked. 

Price 450-700
Material EVA
Thickness6 mm
Weight350 gm
Dimension182.9*61*0.6 cm

RVG Yoga mat for Women and Men with Bag, EVA Material 6mm Extra Thick Exercise mat for Workout Yoga Fitness Pilates and Meditation, Anti Tear Anti Slip For Gym and Home Use

RVG Yoga mat is made in five colors- red, grey, black, blue, and purple. Environment friendly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is the material of this product, which brags durability.

Price 498
Material EVA
Thickness6 mm
Weight358 gm
Dimension182*61*0.6 cm

FIT FOUR Yoga MAT for Men and Women with 4-MM Anti-Slip, Light Weight, Extra Large Made by EVA Quality for Men & Women Gym Workout and Yoga Exercise with Shoulder Strap

The Fit Four yoga mat is 6 ft long and 2 feet wide, which is convenient for all shapes of people. Can be bought in 9 different colors, Fit Four yoga has a carry strap too. Its anti-skid texture won’t let you slip during yoga, if your budget is INR 400 then it is the best for you. 

Price 323-500
Material EVA
Thickness4 mm
Weight370 gm
Dimension29*8*7 cm

VIFITKIT 6mm Anti-Skid Yoga Mat with Strap, Carry Bag & Free Skipping Rope for Home Gym & Outdoor Workout for Men & Women

Vikifit anti-skid yoga mat is built of high quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which will help you to improve your yoga session. It is available in two colors- army green and royal black. If you buy this product a skipping rope and carrying bag will be given along with this.  

Price 550-1000
Material EVA
Thickness4 mm
Weight699 gm
Dimension182.9*61*0.6 cm

AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

Amazon basics extra thick yoga mat is 13 mm thick and suitable for yoga, pilates, and other workouts. This yoga mat comprises lightweight durable foam. The carrying strap will be included with this yoga mat.

Price 900-1200
Material Standard Foam
Thickness13 mm
Weight998 gm
Dimension181*61*1.3 cm

YOGARISE 4mm Anti-Skid Yoga Mat with Carry Bag for Home Gym & Outdoor Workout for Men & Women (Marble)

If you crave colors, then YOGARISE Anti-Skid Yoga mat is a perfect choice for you. Anti-tear, moisture and sweat resistant, non-slip defines this outstanding yoga mat, trading at INR 479 only. This Ethylene Vinyl Acetate made mat is 4 mm thick. 

Price 450-800
Material Standard Foam
Thickness4 mm
Weight400 gm
Dimension180*61*0.8 cm

Zemic EVA Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag for Gym Workout and Yoga Exercise with 13mm Thickness, Anti-Slip Yoga Mat for Men & Women Fitness (Made in India)

Consumer’s feedback matters a lot when it comes to online shopping. Amazon is offering this yoga mat in six different colors, currently at a price of INR 757. This EVA touch product delivers comfort, sustainability, and great support. 

Price 750-1000
Material EVA
Thickness13 mm
Weight710 gm
Dimension182*61*1.3 cm

BOSTER Premium Yoga Mat for Women and Men with Carrying Strap Extra Thick & Large 6 feet Excercise Mat for Workout Yoga Fitness Home Gym and Meditation, Anti Tear Anti Slip

Boster premium yoga mat offers you four types of thickness- 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm, the price varies on the thickness of the product. The premium quality EVA makes it comfortable, anti-skid, and easy to wash. This mat will not absorb your sweat and moisture, which enables you to execute your session accurately. 

Price 500-700
Material EVA
Thickness4-10 mm
Weight710 gm
Dimension182*61*1.3 cm

Effingo Yoga and Exercise mat of 4 mm Parrot Green Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carry Strap 100% Eco Friendly

Within the budget of INR 250, Effingo yoga and exercise mat is the best choice. It provides a double sided non slippery surface, ease, and durability. Even at this price, you are getting a carry strap. 

Price 200-500
Material EVA
Thickness4 mm
Weight400 gm
Dimension62*4*8 cm

Yogarise Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

This Yogarise Yoga Mat has some excellent quality and features like –

  • Made of anti Skid material
  • Carry Bag & Strap For Home Gym & Outdoor Workout
  • Water-Resistant, Soft, Easy to Fold
  • It is 6mm thick and in 7 different colours.
MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Dimension180L x 61W x 0.6Th Centimeters

So, these are the best Yoga Mats In India as per our research and you can easily but these colorful & quality yoga mats online at best price. You can check out best Sports and Running shoes brands here which is also needed for daily exercise and walking purpose.

Which is the best Yoga Mat in India in 2023?

There are 10 best yoga mats based on quality, size and price we have listed here. You can buy any of those based on your budget.

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